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RR Donnelley Business Communication Services (BCS), Delivers the Vital Client Communications of America's Business

BCS will make your client contacts more profitable using precision, speed and impact. Whether your need is for personalized account statements, invoices, checks, EOBs, 401K programs, customized enrollment and welcome kits, compliance/tax form reporting, variable digital color, TransPromo or unique 1:1 solutions, BCS can help.

For communication solutions via print, email, DVD, CD-ROM, or web presentment, you can rely on BCS… the leading outsourcing services provider for high-volume imaged client communications and fulfillment services.  Learn more about BCS solutions and applications, success stories, and what we can do for you.

OneSite Postal Solutions for BCS Customers

Mail Tracking with OneSite Postal Monitoring
First-Class mail is, by definition, valuable. Most likely, your documents are expected by the end recipient and may result in client service issues or increased costs if not received.  OneSite takes advantage of Intelligent Mail data so that your documents can now be tracked much more precisely than ever before.  From production through scheduled delivery, OneSite can provide you with the status of each group of mail or unique mail piece - when you need it most.
  • Track outbound mail to reduce client service issues and re-mailings
  • Track inbound remit mail to prevent dunning and preview cash flow
  • Search using familiar criteria (OneSite connects the IMB with your unique account key)
Address Quality
How does poorly addressed mail and even worse- returned mail impact your organization?  Data shows that up to 3% of some client mailings can still be delayed or returned.  Processing a returned document can cost your company up to $8!  Plus … that does not include potential customer service issues caused by the delay.

BCS address hygiene solutions, including ACS notifications through OneSite, can provide you with best practice solutions for improving your address quality.  Using the automated ACS notification service through OneSite, BCS can create a “virtual return mail” process to dramatically reduce your costs of returned mail.

  • Reduce the costs of processing returned mail.
  • Reduce customer service calls and the need to waive late fees.
  • Combine with RRD address quality software solutions to improve the accuracy of your address file.

For more information contact BCS at 888-831-9500 or visit our website at www.bcs.rrd.com.

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